Already since 2008, the globe has been cleaned up, led by Estonians. Our mission is supported and garbage collected by 56 million people worldwide. But the planet has not yet been entirely cleaned. We have realized that besides only dealing with the consequences, we also have to work with the causes.
Estonia is the best country in terms of testing and implementing innovative solutions. We believe that Estonians are the ones who will come up with an environmentally friendly and smart way to apply the circular economy all over the country and become a good example for everyone else in the world.

Why do we need The Green Tiger?

According to the United Nations, the world's population has reached 7.7 billion in 2020, and is projected to rise to 9.7 billion by 2050. Our population and consumption growth have raised the question of the resilience of our planet's ecosystem. The need to reduce ill-considered consumption is being discussed more and more loudly, attention is being paid to the reuse of resources and steps are being taken to combat global warming.

Although the impact of human activities on the resilience of our planet and the natural environment has been proven by scientists, and countries have begun to solve problems, many still have a question: what can I, my community or business do?

People need balanced and practical information to help them make the right choices from an environmental point of view. There is also a need for a well-thought-out and functioning system in which everyone's role and contribution to environmental restoration is clear and measurable.
The Green Tiger team believes that in cooperation with various parties it is possible to carry out a vision:
By 2025, Estonia is going to be the first country in the world to apply the principles of the circular economy in all sectors. A new economic vision has been created, which can be a good example for other countries.

The goal of the Green Tiger for Estonia, is to create a circular economy model that respects natural resources by 2022.
Our goal is to make the Green Tiger a platform for a green economy, just as the Tiigrihüpe/Tiger Leap once was for the technology sector.



How did the Green Tiger come about?

On September 15, 2018, the first World Cleanup Day took place, which was attended by 17.8 million people from 157 countries.
On the same day, the world was introduced to the Keep it Clean plan, developed by internationally renowned scientists and describing the principles of keeping the world clean. The next step in implementing the Keep it Clean plan is the application plan for keeping each country clean. The Green Tiger team started with it by creating a map that will show the direction to all other countries in the future.

How does the Green Tiger reach its goal?

The Green Tiger focuses on two directions:

Creating a new economic vision - economic growth at the expense of wasting resources is unsustainable, so we need to find a viable alternative. To create and implement the vision, The Green Tiger plans to cooperate with representatives of various sectors, researchers and practitioners.
Redirecting consumer behavior - the new vision can only be successfully implemented if people's consumption habits change. The Green Tiger wants to develop simple and practical guidelines, so that each of us can make more environmentally conscious choices. Waste sorting and recycling must come naturally.

The Green Tiger teams have started working on the new economic vision:
The aim of the Economic Affairs Committee is to create a nature-friendly, based on future technologies and a realistically feasible economic vision for Estonia. First, the focus is on the circular economy, to find ways to avoid wasting raw materials and energy in any area of ​​life. The purpose is not to stop the economic growth, but to bring economic activity into line and balance with the natural environment in such a way that sensible growth can continue even with limited and sustainably used resources.
The aim of the pilot team is to support the development of 16 organizations towards the circular economy. We will untie the processes of the organizations participating in the pilot project and review how they can be more environmentally friendly and resource efficient. How the office, production, logistics, packaging, marketing and waste management works at every level.

The Green Tiger Academy is being established, the aim of which is to provide knowledge about the circular economy to the companies participating in the pilot program and their employees who are dealing with environmental issues.
Content teams are supported by a knowledge team, a communication team, a process team, and a consumer behavior team.
As a supporting project, AccelerateEstonia has an environmental impact indicators development team, whose purpose is to collect environmental impact data that will create better opportunities for environmentally conscious consumption choices. In the future, we wish to be able to automatically monitor the environmental impact of one or another product in the stores.



Stages of the Green Tiger activities:
01.11.2019 - 31.07.2020 - creation of a map / work plan
Data collection, analysis, process design, contracting cooperation agreements

01.08.2020 - 31.12.2021 - piloting the circular economy model
Model testing in partner organizations, communication, actions
01.01.2022 - 31.12.2024 - Nationwide implementation of the Green Tiger in Estonia
All organizations and people can join, we do extensive marketing and communication, we introduce the Green Tiger internationally


Founders and leaders of the Green Tiger

The core of the Green Tiger consists of people with experience in the circular economy, industry, business processes, service design and change management.

Team Leaders: 

Eva Truuverk - Leader
Mihkel Tammo - Leader
Jaanus Purga - Economic committee
Erkki Vedder - Pilots
Jannus Jaska - Indicators
Kristiina Kerge - Indicators
Teele Pehk - Processes
Birgit Kermes - Consumer behaviour
Markus Vihma - Academy
Helin Vaher - Communication
Siiri Puttonen - Digital channels



Hille Hinsberg
Maris Ojamuru
Kai-Riin Kriisa
Maarja-Leena Saar
Rasmus Kagge
Mart Normet
Rauno Raal
Liisa Ringmäe
Mitro Puttonen
Kristiina Dreimann

Madis Vasser

Kadri Kaarna

Andrus Raudsep

Creators of the Green Tiger Academy: / Markus Vihma
Miltton Sisu / Kristi Liiva
Sustinere / Maris Ojamuru

Pricewaterhouse Coopers / Kadri Lindpere
Agenda PR / Helin Vaher 


Be with us

The Green Tiger is a civic movement with a positive outlook on life, oriented towards cooperation and finding common interests, and an accelerator of cooperation. The Green Tiger is transparent and independent in its actions.

The aim of the Green Tiger is to invite individuals, companies, communities, local governments and public authorities to work together. We have selected one or two partners from each sector to develop the circular economy model.
If you have ideas on how to develop the Estonian economy in a more environmentally friendly way or you want to get involved in the Green Tiger movement, contact us.

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